WTF! Is going on

TBH it seems kind of like a non-issue people won't let die and I'm speaking as someone that's kind of watching from the outside because I haven't seen any of his movies yet.

1)Thurman clarified she forgives him and places all the blame on the executives and producers that tried to cover up the accident. He responded talking her into the stunt was one of the biggest regrets in his life and not something he's proud of.

2)Polaski's victim said she'd forgive him for the comments as long as he understood he was wrong now and he took that olive branch and came out with a perfectly executed apology.

3)Fergie clarified him biting her on set wasn't any kind of abuse/harassment and just one of those things that happens when an actor really get's into character and into the scene.

I feel like it's done, it's over and now some people are just clinging onto it because they WANT to angry at someone.

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