WTF is happening?

First week and a half as a freshmen. Financial aid was a nightmare. I didn't think I would be able to attend because they refused to classify me as in state and I wasn't eligible for hope or in state tuition, so I wouldn't have been able to afford it. Probably over 20 hours on the phone with financial aid the IRS. I think my shortest call with financial aid was 45 minutes, 40 of which were on hold. Eventually we solved it on my 4th trip to financial aid in person. The lady blamed it on the integration with perimeter and that the people who processed my case probably didn't know what to put me as, so they left me as unclassified just in case which later defaulted to out of state. (I can't recall exactly what her reasoning was. So many hours of fighting and crying with my mom while digging through her divorce agreement to prove our tax situation should qualify me as in-state despite not claiming me as a dependent. I've tried to block it out of my mind.)

So far I like all of my professors except one. I've been to an SI session and it was nice, so I will probably start attending them regularly.

Dorm and parking situation is ridiculous. I live in patton hall and paid $400 dollar for a semester parking pass and it hasn't worked for me several times. Day before class started the parking attendant said he had never seen that color parking pass before in his life so I had to pay, very next day it worked flawlessly. Other time I went out and came back at 2am, lofts and m deck wouldn't work so I had to pay $10 to park at a public lot. Don't know how I could go about getting reimbursed for the times I've had to pay.

I got lucky in patton hall and got the single. Both my roommates that I share a bathroom with paid for the single too but didn't get it.

GSU is no where near my first choice of schools and I hate downtown Atlanta. I went into this with a terrible mindset but with the exception of the financial aid debacle, I can't say it's been terrible so far.

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