[WTS] Cleanup Post 509t Riser, Streamlight HL, Esstac, P80, 308 BCG - Other goodies (OR)

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Title: [WTS] Cleanup Post 509t Riser, Streamlight HL, Esstac, P80, 308 BCG - Other goodies (OR)


The Big Picture


Please refer to number when calling dibs. Send a PM NOT CHAT With dibs. -------> Phone users scroll over for more information. ------->

Not interested in trades right now. NO NOTES PayPal F&F Only NO NOTES IF ANY NOTES IDC WHAT IT IS FOR A PIZZA, SODA, A GOOD TIME... ANY WILL BE REFUNDED!! Its not that hard guys... Shipping $5

FOR BANNED/RESTRICTED ITEMS,CTD sucks but too lazy to find alternative.


Item Price
3D Print Rails/P80/Glock Parts
1.Aves Rails G17 Kit $25 x2
2.Glock Locking Block 1447 $25
3.Glock Trigger Housing SP05406 $15 x2
4.Lone Wolf 10mm UPK $80
5.Glock/P80 G19 Barrel Used <50 $40
Upper Things
6.Anderson 308 18" Gasblock stuck w/Nut <100 $75
7.Wylde .223 16" rust spots w/Gasblock tube <300 $50
8.VG6 Epsilon 556 New $45
9.VG6 Epsilon 556 Used <200 $35 x2
10.VG6 Gamma 762 Used <100 $40
11.YHM Phantom QD Adapter 3060 Catch & Release $40
12.Aero Precision 308 BCG Nitride <100 $160
13.Aero Precision UPK Ar15 $16 x3
14.BA Rifle length Gas Tube $15
15.Diamond Head Set BUIS Black $65
16.UTG 1" QD Scope Mount $20
17.Esstac Black Multicam 5.56 Mag Pouches Mid Kywi w/WTF $16
18.Esstac Black Multicam 5.56 Triple Mag Pouches Tall Kywi w/WTF $50 X2
19.Esstac Black Multicam Pistol Double Space Kywi w/WTF $25
20.Condor LCS Sentry Plate Carrier $35
21.Condor Mag Pouch w/Tags $5 x2
22.Idogear Molle Belt Medium $20
23.N8 Tactical XDm 3.8 Compact(Could use new screw for J clip) $15
24.N8 Tactical XDs 3.3 $20
25.Galico XDm Belt Holster $25
26.Universal Large Pistol Leg Holster $15
27.Universal Compact Pistol Leg Holster $15
28.XDs 7 Round .45ACP Magazine w/Extension Grip $20 x2
Other/cheap things for add-ons
29.Flash Hider 5.56 $5 x4
30.5.56 Muzzle Break $5
31..750 Gas block w/Pic rail $5
32.Laser Light (Battery's dead) Free w/
33.Buffer Spring $5 x5
34.Larue Mock Lower $10 x2
35.Mil-spec trigger $20 x4
36.Scope Bikini 40mm-62mm $5
37.Amazon Red Dot Sight $10
38.Caldwell Brass Catcher(NIB First) $30 x2
39.TLR-1 HL 1000 w/Rifle Kit + Keys $130 x2
40.KAK FDE Fin w/Tube+Spring -noBuffer $30
41.ADM low riser 509t $60



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