[WTS] NEW Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x24 VMR-2 [MI]

I wish we had some way to do flair that differentiated between people that have done high-dollar trades versus lots of low-dollar trades.

I'm not saying anything at all about OP, but lately my trust has been shaken in GAFS to where I don't trust sending $900 to all but a very small handful of sellers here. I started looking through OP's history to figure out if they've done high-dollar sales before, and there's a few under his belt. I realized that makes me want to trust the seller more than just seeing "+21."

I care about the quality/cost of sales more than just the number of sales. I wish our flair could show that somehow, like "+20, >4" or "+20, $4" to mean 24 total, 4 larger than $400, or $500, or whatever threshold.

Also I'm just putting this here because I don't want to spam with another META.

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