WVU Forwards Esa Ahmad & Wesley Harris dismissed from team for violation of athletic dept policies

I do agree with that, Esa never seemed like the type here either. He just seemed kinda quiet. Even if he was/is, I'm not judging the guy - it's gotta be hard to not get involved if you see it around you and look up to those guys. And I know Terry had a real rough upbringing too which makes it all that much harder to stay straight. It's awesome that he made it out. The replacing c's wouldn't make me suspect without the rest of it, so that is a totally fair point. Having an allegiance is probably more likely what's going on. I'm just wondering what esa possibly could've done at this point of his career to get dismissed, it's not easy at here. Teddy allen did last year but he completely deserved it, that dude raised hell

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