WWE Only Recently Found Out About Baron Corbin Being Part Of NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Okay, I might get some heat for this but Baron being a part of this lawsuit is bullshit. I also don't know many of the details of the lawsuit (as in all) but that won't stop me. It's no different than a wrestler who wrestled 3 matches in WWE suing them over concussions.

It's hard to say Corbin even had a cup of coffee in the NFL because his "run" was so short. Yes, I know football is a dangerous sport and even in practice shit can happen but the man never even played a snap in a regular season game.

To blame the NFL for his concussions is ridiculous. He played 4 years in college football and was an amateur boxer. A sport dedicated to getting hit in the head. Don't play this " I didn't understand what I was getting into".

Especially, when you decided to pick a career in pro wrestling after it. If you didn't know then, then you do now and you chose a career that's premise is throwing your head at the ground. Concussions will always be apart of wrestling, just like football. It doesn't mean it will happen every match but it's very likely that it will.

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