www.FilecoinMiner.com in California, USA (check out my co-mining startup!)

Tl;dr: Thought Filecoin was so cool that I started the first North American Filecoin co-mining service: https://www.filecoinminer.com

Long story: I started my own hobby miner last year. Got super into it that Protocol Labs chose me as one of ~30 MinerX Fellows globally. At peak obsession, my miner actually ranked 9th(!) in North America. However, I found it odd that so few miners existed in North America and Europe, despite how lucrative Filecoin mining is compared to the other tokens I've tried. Tried convincing all my crypto-geek family and friends to try mining, but no one took me up. Their universal response? Filecoin requires stupidly exorbitant hardware and know-how.

I wanted to solve this barrier-to-entry, so I took the plunge, folks! Quit my day job, bought a ton of hardware, built out a data center, hired a bunch of full-time engineers, and formed a Filecoin mining start-up with two other MinerX Fellows. Today, PiKNiK & Company is live and is the only Filecoin co-mining service in the United States!

Initial feedback: far better / easier / cheaper going with us than to mine on your own since co-mining translates CapEx into OpEx. More for collateral → storage "power"→ block reward. Please, support my American startup and check out our expert mining skills!

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