Wyrd Hall, a medieval fantasy-themed mead bar, opens in Portland

Keep x Weird is a marketing campaign for urban renewal and gentrification.

For sure. I have not read that book but am well aware of the idea, forgive me if this is redundant. The phrase was birthed as an off the cuff remark on Austin community radio and was picked up by local business and expanded from there. We used to have a lot of local creative and local business pride as well. Now # anything, cutesy phrases about birds, nature and the past are marketing campaigns for individuals and our tourism board interests (Travel Portland!). Folks who mocked us for being into "lifestyle brands" (when we were just living life) took us up on being a demographic and decided to copy us as a product. Music seems to be easy place for folks to see this kind of capitalization (steal the blues make the rock, steal the punk make it pop, steal the artists' creativity, own their art). The market is gonna market eh?

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