X/post from r/dreams... I've been having the same demon dream for 3 weeks now... there are physical bruises

Allergic to holy water, as in... I've been to about 12 different churches in a span of 5 years, and each and every time holy water has touched me, I get welts, and "blister" like bubbles across my skin, it burns like shit but goes away within a few hours of being cleaned. I'm not sure what it is 100% but it is something with holy water, I'm sure a few of the churches have it made differently, but I really have no clue how it's made, what's in it, where it came from. But these churches were spanned province to province, city to city. These reactions have happened ever since I can remember, (my parents are super religious, so church every week was a must)

I have been diagnosed with hypnopompic sleep paralysis (when I'm waking up) but aside from these "dreams" I've never had nightmares that I can remember.

I've tried rosary beads, there is a bible in my room, I can't exactly get the house blessed, as this thing follows me, and I'd have to wash everything or never touch things again...

My ex/best friend is aware of what's going on.

No, I am personally not religious.

As I said, I have been diagnosed with hypnopompic sleep paralysis, but it's when I'm waking up, not falling asleep, once I know I'm trying to wake up and I can't move the "demon" is gone, until I'm back asleep/REM.

Yes, I've seen it very, very rarely in other dreams... it's made an appearance in the distance, creepy smile... but that's it.

No, I've never lucid dreamed at all.

I've tried acid, mushrooms, but back when I was 16, (almost 4 years ago) but I've also had these dreams before when I was about 5/6 (according to my grandmother) before I played with drugs.

I almost always wake up with bruises on my legs (really, what girl doesn't) but the finger prints around my arm and neck are new, as in last night.

I always thing I see things moving out of the corner of my eye, but figure it's just my hair or imagination. Nothing is ever clear. When I am back asleep, he is at the side of my bed, directly in my face... very visibly furious that I left. Sometimes he talks at this point, other times it just glares really creepily

Yes, ever since I met my ex, (5 years ago) I regularly dream about him, different situations, different moods, but my ex was always there by my side. But the last 3 week's, he hasn't been around... its been this demon thing. I'm not sure about afterwards, I don't remember, and I have no idea how I got out of this situation last time.

I do have to go to bed soon... but I'm more or less nervous of what will happen if I already have bruises, threats, and it's furious with me...

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