(X-Post from r/STD) Essentially, I got herpes for Christmas

Sounds like you need to accept it(talking about the "misdiagnosis" part). But it's way more common than you think. If you want to be a responsible person you might want to contact those you've had sex with and tell them they need to get tested. Someone gave it to you and could be giving it to others.

One thing to tell you is that your life isn't over. You WILL find understanding people out there. But you need to be honest and willing to deal with some shitty people who may react poorly. It will happen. But if you approach it right and be selective with who you tell, you can live without shame.

I was given this nasty little situation by a girl who was "too embarrassed to tell me". But wasn't too embarrassed to have unprotected sex knowing full well she had it. I was more disgusted by her being deceitful. And in hindsight I think she was kinda subconsciously giving it to other people as a way of not feeling alone.

I've had to have the shitty conversation when a relationship gets going and have had a couple of people stop calling, I understand. But at least I can feel good about my own choices going forward. And after awhile it really doesn't bother me anymore. It's just part of my life and I have to manage it. It sucks, but I've run into others who have it just by bringing it up. And as sad a thing to bond over it's brought me close to a few people. Ironic huh??

If you want to talk more you can reply here, or PM me. You are not alone. Remember... it's only some unsightly stuff on your naughty bits from time to time. It's not gonna kill ya! And if you take meds you may never even see any signs. I'm lucky in that I only have maybe one or two outbreaks a year if even that. It gets better mentally with time. You are not a dirty person. This can happen to anyone really. So many of us have risky sex. The only thing you can do now is be thankful it's not something that will REALLY affect your health like HIV or HepC.

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