X470 Motherboard Indecision - Strix Gaming F or Crosshair VII Hero

You've dated yourself to the same age bin as me.

I just wrote a diatribe of how intel forcing me the the 3930k over the 3770k brought about the end of my fanboyism.

All that said, when I went to order, the x470-f and x470-i both went out of stock on Amazon and newegg proper and seeings as I have been all Asus since the P5A the only choice for me and the 2700x build I assembled in July was the C7H. It is a great board and barring some serious overclocking goals I think the x470 will serve you well. The c7h and Ryzen has been wonderful enough for me to scrap my original intent of picking up a 3k series ryzen when they drop unless they have some miracle level gains.

I think you have picked the right board. Funny thing is about my build... I dont even have an m.2. Until I can pick up a 4tb, the 960 4tb evo sata is just fine for me.

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