[XB1] H: trade list W: Executioners explosive Gatling plasma or other explosive gat plasma offers

Here is some stuff I have Bloodied aim dmg lvc lever action Bffr assault rifle Bloodied limb damage fmswa fixer Executioners power attack bear arm Furious ss rw mole guanlet QE agility combat shotty QE RW double barrel TSE dragon AA power attack strength deathclaw gauntlet AAE lmg Bloodied power attack agility deathclaw gauntlet Bss and bpa meat hooks Bpa agility super sledge Executioners limb damage faster reload Tesla FE Faster reload combat shotty FE 10 mm Furious vats crit fixer QE westerns revolver VE lmg VE Faster reload handmade BE drwa pump action Bffr rw combat rifle Executioners ffr laser rifle TSE laser rifle AAE harpoon gun bloodied limb damage lmg Bffr drwr lmg Bffr fmswa minigun Executioners explosive rw 50 cal FE faster reload gat gun Jffr agility 50 cal Junkies limb damage faster reload lmg Jffr fr missle launcher JE 50 cal JE perception gat gun TSE drwr gat gun VE FR 50 cal Vffr vats fills faster cryo Anti armor ffr faster reload laser rifle Berserk explosive handmade Executioners explosive gat gun FE combat shotty Hunters explosive drwa fixer IE pump action IE agility handmade IE vats fills faster fixer Mutants ffr fr handmade Qffr ultracite laser Stalkers explosive fr combat rifle Suppressors explosive perception fixer Two shot ffr vats fills faster cryo Two shot ffr perception plasma rifle Vffr Tesla VE vats fills faster handmade AA ffr vats fills faster handmade FE perception fixer Junkies limb damage vats crit fills faster fixer QE drwa handmade Stalkers ffr rw handmade Vffr handmade AAE agility ultracite laser rifle Bloodied limb damage Tesla Bffr plasma rifle Bss strength shovel BE drwa 10mm DE vats crit fills faster laser rifle ultracite IE vats crit fills faster combat rifle JE combat rifle and shotty Jffr rw gamma gun JE lvl 35 handmade JE drwa double barrel QE 10 mm QE lvc combat rifle 2 TSE guass lvl 35 and max lvl Unstoppable monster All fasnact Mask’s besides deathclaw

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