Y’all musta forgot

This is gonna be preachy and not directed at OP, but:


But our lives are too short to hold everyone to the golden standard.

Someone has to do the job, if you can't or won't(no judgement, i'm not currently) just be there with the little people and their parents when you can.

It means a lot to everyone involved and they'll grow because of it, even if they don't remember you.

One of the most influential people in my childhood isn't even a face or a name, it's a "force" a person i knew would not approve of a thing or decision i made if it was mean or selfish.

I found out in my teens that a curly dark brown but not black haired person had a name, and she was there since I was born then exited our lives before I was 5. Nothing bad, just went a different direction.

But when they described her, I recognized her. that was the person who took the time to teach me the things that mattered at that age.

Still pickup trash on the side of the street and share this story cause you're supposed to share the good people taught you, that's what she said. No idea where she is several decades later. Thanks Jules :)

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