Yahoo sued over employee rankings, anti-male discrimination

I would like some feedback on what kind of structured review and compensation program you would really like in a technology business. My ask is very legitimate and I'll engage in rational conversation on the topic.


  • 30 years in software business
  • 16 years in Internet software
  • started three companies, two successful, one closed down :-(
  • polyglot programmer - still learning learning new things!
  • Founder, Co-Founder, VP of Engineering, COO or CTO last 16 years
  • Have managed 100's of employees at all levels
  • Sometimes managed well, sometimes didn't manage well
  • Hate firing people - everyone can learn and turn around in my book
  • Money is finite in startups and successful businesses

Rating and compensation thought leaders

If I were the CTO/Founder of a company and you wanted to work for me, how would you like to be measured and compensated? How would you like the company to figure out what to pay you? What to provide you as a raise based on your skills, productivity, market comparison? I am genuinely interested.

Note: this is a throwaway account, but I will be responsive to your questions and discussion.

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