Yakuza Kiwami 2 is making me appreciate better Yakuza 6.

The Ferrari strategy in Germany was absolutely dreadful. Obviously Vettel's mistake will be most remembered, but Ferrari basically handed the win on a platter to them. Let's start with their original strategy. Raikkonen, in third place, pits on lap 15. This must commit him to a two stop. It is way too far to go on one set. Vettel pits on lap 26. Now, as soon as Vettel catches up with Raikkonen, team orders should be used. It takes too long for team orders, which are eventually used on lap 39. All that Ferrari have achieved is damaging Vettel's tyres and backing him up into the Mercedes. Hamilton pits on lap 43 onto the ultrasoft. Ferrari must pit Raikkonen here to cover off the threat of Hamilton. They don't, whilst Hamilton puts in times seconds quicker than the rest of the field quickly dropping both Ferrari out of the pit window. Raikkonen hits the cliff on his tyres and runs wide lapping Magnussen letting Bottas past. Hamilton is around a second back. Perez spins close to the Sachs Curve, showing how wet that area of the track was, and then Vettel crashes having to go quickly under the threat of Hamilton. This brings out the safety car but Ferrari spend too much time in shock and leave Raikkonen out. Raikkonen catches the safety car and when he pits a lap later, is behind both Mercedes, and out of the running for victory. He also fails to stay within 5 seconds of Hamilton, which would have been crucial had Hamilton been given a time penalty. Amidst all this, Ferrari made at least 3 strategic errors. First, team orders took too long. If it had rained heavily Ferrari didn't give themself enough room to Hamilton. They were only around 5 seconds ahead, and I would want more against the best car and driver in wet conditions. It also damaged Vettel's tyres, and in damp conditions you need lots of tread depth on your tyres. Second, they did not pit Raikkonen in response to Hamilton. They had the chance to cover Hamilton, but bizarrely left him out, having pit him early guaranteeing a two-stop. 3rd, they didn't pit quickly enough during the safety car. Had they been ready, Raikkonen wins the race as both Mercedes would have been in, with no tyres for either. Instead they wallowed in misery, and Raikkonen caught the safety car early in the lap, meaning he dropped to third when he pitted one lap to late. For those who just blame Vettel for losing the championship, I think this is a reminder of how incompetent the guys on the pit wall are, even if the standout moment was the crash.

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