yamato should not be a conquers haki user .

The problem with your point is that it's fundamentally flawed.

imagine luffy or kid in the same situation they would rather die then live like yamato has lived for the past 20 years .

For example, Yamato is 28, meaning she was eight when this all started. We couldn't possibly say what 8-year-old Kid would do and we saw like 5-year-old Luffy who was just a Shanks fanboy and patiently waited until he was "old enough" to be a pirate. But even without that I can tell you I am not the same person I was 22 years ago and I'd hope most people here would say they're not quite the person they were when you were eight.

From there, we can reasonably conclude Yamato dreamed of leaving (this is stated) and worked to gain the power to do so. This is why, the second the opportunity happened, they took it and immediately started giving the same talk about how it's better to fight and die than it is to live suffering.

In this chapter she straight up gives up and is about to ask luffy to come and help her when the battel hasnt even gotten that serious yet . A far weaker luffy in dressrosa stud up to fujitora but yamato who has one of the strongest moves advanced conquers haki isnt able to give green bull a decent fight.

From there, when did the "qualities of a leader" become "fight recklessly and die needlessly?" Heck, you could even argue that Yamato was trying to keep a cool head to help Momo and keep the various scabbards alive. Momo refused Yamato's help, Yamato said to get Luffy and he refuses his help and their help again, despite the fight going sideways.

yamato should not be a conquers haki user

Also, let's call a spade a spade and say a lot of the people who have it don't really fit what we've been told particularly well. What was Kaido's reason for having it besides being powerful? He was a poor leader and while he had great ambition, the person we saw at Wano was just a sad drunk. How about the legendary Oden? He could've fought recklessly and died without doing his dumb dance, but instead he did that and had it. Katakuri had it and his ambitions were so grand when Big Mom went missing he didn't do enough to retain their spot and lost it to Buggy.

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