Yassuo having "They're so bad" as the title of his new unranked to challenger video is the most smurf thing i've seen today

can get challenger with enough quality practice.

In any competitive realm, being the best of the best (Which is challenger for league) is not possible without innate talent given a sufficient sample size.

Ask any League analyst and they'll tell you that having challenger knowledge and macro will only take you so far in most top tier regions. You need a level of talent and mental/physical qualities (Reaction time and speed, reflex, ability to absorb information) that can be missing between players of different ranks.

This isn't something that's only true for League, you seem to think that physical and IRL differences don't matter when it comes to anything that isn't a physical sport. Not only has this been debunked multiple times through research (Mostly in regards to reflex and its effect on gaming or vice versa), there's plenty of proof coming from the top of the ladder when players refuse or are unable to play certain champs to the same level because they're physically incapable of doing so.

Also IQ is a flawed measure of prowess. Someone with high IQ might not necessarily be good at visualization despite that being one part of determining IQ because they're exceptional at other parts like pattern recognition or number manipulation. If they're bad at visualization, they're likely not going to be as good at something like predicting when and how a Malphite is going to ult you or understanding positioning and moving accordingly.

Grit is certainly a factor in climbing but there isn't one factor that gets you to the top, you need to be good at everything. That's what it means to be the best.

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