yea its a cool design but not really streetwear

Streetwear has become a funny word. I used to use streetwear to describe my style. When I was a kid huge baggy pants and big skate shoes and a skate shop tee was the fit. As I got a little older and started to become more aware of myself and my peers I remember an era when american eagle/Abercrombie was the style and I was still in my skater shoes, baggy pants and skate shirts. I got into streetwear once I got into highschool, started wearing more skate inspired shoes but not those same old etnies, functional baggy pants or shorts and the coolest graphic tees I could get, started with diamond supply. As I went through high school it seemed diamond supply became the shit, even the gamers and jocks were wearing it. But I still considered myself a streetwear guy. You know when youd see someone out wearing another skate shop brand tee or hat or the real skate shoes you knew they knew whatsup... but as "streetwear" has become trendy and something people can just buy into with these hyped luxury brands, it's not quite the same thing anymore. To me it stood for a lifestyle, a mindset, but now it's just an image, raped but the media and corporate america. Now everything is streetwear. You'll still find me drooling over supreme and bape and giving a fuck about dressing usually but streetwear doesnt mean shit

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