Yeah this took a while

I (60909 M) didn’t mean to sell my entire family to the sex trade (made by epic games). I (60909 M) was only gonna sell my wife (3 months F) because she kept playing so much fortnite (made in 2017 by epic games) so I (60909 M) decided to incorporate discipline into this household by selling her to the sex trade (made by epic games). Then my (60909 M) kids Joel (34 M) Nick (34 M) Randy (34 M) Seraphina (34 M) jaxxon (34 M) Kristenn (34 M) Ashleiughigh (34 M) Toby (34 M) Tobias (34 M) Braden (34 M) Tonii (34 M) Kylē (34 M) Braxxton (34 M) Jeremie (34 M) Lukka (34 M) and PeeDer (36 F) touched my (60909 M) anime mousepad collection. So I (60909 M) decided to discipline them too. After I (60909 M) did this my second wife (7 M) texted me and said she wanted a divorce. I (60909 M) am deeply conflicted.

So Reddit, am I the asshole

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