The Year 7 who thinks he is hard starter pack.

Was literally just watching the F1 with my husband and we were talking about Red Bull and how do they make so much money that they have an F1 team because neither of us could even remember the last time we, or anyone we know, bought a Red Bull. And then it all came back to me - it was 2001 and I was at uni and my house had been broken into (they’d only broken a window in the front door and hadn’t actually got access) and I had to stay in until the police came to take a statement and do fingerprinting (they actually did in those days). Well I’d run out of milk for my morning cup of tea and my housemate had left a Red Bull in the fridge so I thought I’d have that as my caffeine for the morning - I was speeding off my head while talking to my dad on the phone and still buzzing when the police finally turned up. They must’ve thought I was bonkers.

Red Bull, never again - in almost two decades.

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