The Year Of The Loot Box (The Jimquisition)

HD remakes of video games make huge amounts of cash, and a lot of the time are "just cosmetic."

I don't know about you, but I consider video games to be more than just K/D ratios and how much damage a gun does. There's games that are played primarily for their aesthetic and cosmetic design, and the bar shouldn't be set to as low a standard as "well, you can't just pay money to win, so what's the issue?"

I payed $40 for Overwatch, played for around 40 hours, and got maybe 10% of the cosmetics in the game. I found the cosmetics and skins really appealing, and a large part of why I kept playing was because getting a new skin was fun and felt nice, but eventually I burned out on that element of the game because it's just not feasible to get the cosmetics I want without paying exorbiant amounts of money. I'd have gladly paid $5 for a pack of skins (notice how there's a monetary value attached to that for me? How they're not inherently worthless just because they're cosmetic?), but that wasn't an option.

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