Yemen war: Saudi-backed forces begin assault on port of Hudaydah

This is a really bad situation.

From Oxfam: ["Many of its 600,000 residents may be forced to flee for their lives. Moreover, Hudaydah port brings in over 70 percent of Yemen’s food and fuel; any disruption to those commercial and humanitarian import flows would at best drive prices further out of reach and at worst make them unavailable in Yemen’s poorest rural towns. The lack of fuel and clean water is a deadly combination, particularly for women and girls. As they often do, women will be the first to skip meals to extend the family ration. And the rate of marriage for girls as young as 8-10 years old will increase, particularly among the displaced families without regular income.

The humanitarian community has been crystal clear about the consequences of the operation. Oxfam recently warned that this operation will result in many more families burying their loved ones. The UN has been bold enough to put a number on the worst case scenario: 250,000 dead, with hundreds of thousands more affected. Martin Griffiths, the UN peace envoy for Yemen, told the Security Council last month that the battle would “take peace off the table in a single stroke.” In the fallout, no one can claim to not have been warned."](

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