Yes, but like-

C-section was legit. No pain for the wife. Took like 15 minutes total.

Never had another. Why? He didn't stop crying for 2 years straight. When we both secretly mentioned and understood how parents could lose control and shake their babies to death, we realized, holy fuck this is harder than we ever could imagine. We never did shake him, harm him, yell at him, leave him unattended. We just suffered it. In shifts.

We would just cry all the fucking time. It was a nightmare. I wouldn't do it again for all the money in the world.

Best kid ever though after that 2 years. 6 now, still a pain in the ass, they call him a "strong willed child". I call him a pain in the ass.

Makes me laugh every single day though. It was all worth it. But I would never ever do it again.

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