Yescymru stickers damaging road signs.

Yep, there’s a dickhead town councillor who keeps putting them up in my home town near my mums. They keep being taken down pretty immediately though from what I’m aware. He’s even gone to the extent of climbing 15ft up a lamppost in his own street just so he can have a sticker somewhere to look at (nobody can see it and his street is a tiny hidden culdesac of 4 terraced houses), and started to write sharpie graffiti taunts for the people who remove his stickers (I do every time I visit my mum). It’s both hilarious they can’t handle their own constituents wanting a tidier environment, and yet pathetically sad this is what a councillor AND teacher will extend themselves to.

So to sum up that, the only dick head in my hometown that does them is both a 40 something year old town councillor AND a teacher (and massively typically plaid too)

These are not the people I would ever trust with independence. Hell I wouldn’t trust that moron with teaching my kids given his approach

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