Yesterday morning around 10:00 my dad lost his two year battle with cancer. This was taken about 2-3 weeks ago. My brother & I on the right and our significant others on the left. I used to think 59 was old until now

In person they are not identical. My brother has a full red beard like our dad and red tinted brown hair. My boyfriend has a dark brown beard (to match his dark brown hair) with a shitty mustache and a weird cowlick type thing in his beard. My brother is about pale, 5’6 and a little pudgy. My boyfriend is 6’1, skinny, tan, and very muscular. My brother has tattoos and no piercings while my boyfriend is the opposite. My boyfriend’s cheeks are higher and his smile is bigger. His teeth are also straight, unlike my brother’s. My boyfriend has really cool green eyes while my brother’s are shit brown. My boyfriend’s brow stick out a lot farther and his eyebrows are longer. My brother has a bigger forehead. My boyfriend’s hair lays silky and smooth but my brother’s hair has volume. My brother has a naturally large cranium (gotta be careful what terms you use on reddit lol) but my boyfriend has a slightly longer face. They have different noses too. Trust me, when you put them next to each other in person they really don’t look alike lmao. I’m from the south, but not that south.

They both wear wear sandals though and I fucking hate it

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