Yesterday I panicked, this is how I plan to grow stronger

Thanks for your comment Maranus. I am sorry to read about what happened.

However, I admire how you picked yourself up and how you dare to self-reflect and are able to take some profound lessons from this situation. It seems like you are on a good path.

Take it easy, you don't have to rush this, but keep working every day towards becoming a better version of yourself.

I promise that I will do the same. My emotions may get the best of me sometimes, and sometimes I am too fanatic in trying to grow, still wishing to get another chance, but what matters is me building a good life. It's about doing the right things, in the right way, not because of the outcome, but because they are good in themselves. Taking good care of my own needs and staying true to my own values are my priorities. Everything else comes after that: success in work, finding a new girlfriend (my ex or someone else), doing things for other people and achieving goals. These things are important, but I notice that I often place these on top of my list.

That causes me a lot of stress and anxiety, and that makes me less successful, happy and attractive. I'd say this is my Achilles heel. That's good to know, so that I can do something about it.

Thanks, all the best on your path as well!

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