Yesterday a redditor stole my turnips when visiting my island. Today another redditor, /u/JoeJoePT, came over again and donated a ton of bells to help out. Thanks my friend - love the community! ✨

Absolute same thing happened to me. I made a post about it -

“No matter how bad some players are, there are always people who are 100 times kinder. Thank you for making me smile!

I am a very frequent host, often TT to a day with fishing tournament/ bug off/ meteor shower, share the code, ask people to help themselves and go AFK. Here’s what happened today:

So recently I’m on the hunt for completing my DIY collections, I ask folks to please share the extra recipes they don’t need when they visit. A kind girl brought me a cosmos wreath DIY and dropped it by my in game character as I was AFK. By the time I came back, the DIY was gone - not the first time I’ve been stolen from, I’m a little sad but got over it. But all my guests were way madder than me, they played detective and helped me find the thief (who had left by that time) so I can be careful not to invite him again, a lot of them tipped/ crafted/ gave presents to try to cheer me up, AND the sweet girl who dropped me the stolen DIY went out of her way and traded someone for another copy of the DIY to make sure I have it!???!!!! I am absolutely overjoyed, and impressed with the kindness this forum keeps showing me, and I’m so grateful to have you guys to share this wholesome game with.

Stay awesome folks!”

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