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Well thought out and constructed post! As somebody leaning towards voting for Trump, let me counter some of those points.

When I say that Trump feeds off of fear, what I mean is that Trump is playing off of and feeding into irrational and misrepresented fear.

I'd argue that the Democrats/Hillary are also feeding off of fear. They push this rhetoric that Trump is literally Hitler, that he'd start a nuclear war if he had access to the keys, and that seats on the Supreme Court are at stake. Look at her twitter on any given day and you'll see posts telling you to imagine Trump as President and why it should frighten you. Now I'm not saying that these fears are unfounded or without merit, but it is them playing to these fears nonetheless. And I have to say that this has worked rather effectively. Most people I talk to about Trump say they aren't voting for him out of fear.

he's talking about cracking down on illegal immigration

Guess who said this: "When I took office, I committed to fixing this broken immigration system. And I began by doing what I could to secure our borders. Today, we have more agents and technology deployed to secure our southern border than at any time in our history." If you guessed Obama, you'd be correct! Now exactly how is this any different than what Trump has been saying? Well Trump talked about deporting people right? Obama has deported 2.5 million people, more than any other administration in history; a 23% increase in the amount deported by Bush. So why is it then, that when Obama talks about securing our borders and conducts massive immigration raids nobody bats an eye, but when Trump talks about it, he's a racist?

and making sure Muslims don't enter the country

Now when he first announced his proposed temporary ban, I knew he would dial it down, because it definitely is unconstitutional to deny immigrants based on race. If you look at his comments recently, the rhetoric isn't as strong. The "ban on all Muslims" has turned into a temporary ban on immigration from known terror states. Now even if this still isn't satisfactory to some, there is some precedence that has been set by President Obama with a similar situation. In 2011, his state department stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for 6 months while screening processes were improved. So it would seem that Trump's plan isn't as bigoted as some would make it out to be.

Trump promotes a false idea that America has fallen from it's "former glory", and that he and only he can restore it to greatness.

I don't see the issue with this. He's invoking nostalgia, which for most is a positive feeling. Promising that the country is going to be better off than it presently is is pretty common for presidential candidates. "Hope and change" anyone? Now Trump, like with everything he does/says, paints an extreme picture of the world, but he knows that extreme is what resonates and stays with people.

LGBT issues are a strange one for Trump. On one hand, you have his history of relatively pro-LGBT (at least not anti) views (allowing transgender woman in his pageant, pro equal rights for gay couples, and his remarks on transgender bathroom use) and on the other you have a regressive conservative policy agenda and VP. I don't know how much power Trump would have over these issues in the party's platform, but if you watched any of the RNC, you can already see some progress. For the first time you had an openly gay man, Peter Thiel, speaking at the convention and you had Trump addressing the LGBT community as well; the first of any Republican candidate to do so. So while these may seem insignificant, I hope that they are the beginning of steps towards a more inclusive, and less socially conservative party.

Now admittedly, none of these are major reasons for why I'm probably voting for Trump. I just really appreciated the effort you put into your post and felt like it deserved an opposing response of equal effort.

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