Yogscast Simon Reads Some DIRTY Fan Fiction

Or this

It just boggles my mind as to why you think this is okay or appropriate to do without any sort of planning... There's been a long-standing rule that Hannah established in words ages ago, if fans keep their works away from public places, it's okay to have them. Tumblr, fanfiction.net, AO3, livejournal, deviantart, these are specific areas that people keep to to prevent you guys from viewing them and making you uncomfortable. This is a boundary and rule that fans respected, but you did not. This has happened before. Last year you brought up a fanart on stream of your characters genderbent, what you didn't realize is that the artist is the same one that won your Christmas card competition (the 50's cartoon one? yeah), they were so embarrassed, hurt, and frightened that they completely cut out of the fandom and liking the Yogscast altogether. Because of this, people are now once again scared to post content on their own blogs, their own! Just because a search engine might bring it up. Many Yogscast members have made tumblr blogs over the last two years and that's already scary to many members of the community there because of how exposed it makes them. Having makers involved in their own fan community isn't sunshine and daisies, the idea of having somebody you like and respect look at your work when you didn't try to show them or felt too ashamed or understood it wasn't for them... it's a bit soul-crushing. Do you honestly not understand what that kind of unexpected exposure does to a person, especially a young one? You have years of experience being a public face and it's grown slowly over time, as maddening as it must be you have some level of comfort. These are fanartists/writers, many of them 13-17, legally children, that you're dragging into a spotlight of 35,000 people without any preparation, any respect, any consent and then letting them be laughed at by an audience who would enjoy doing so. They did not ask for this and kept their work away from you. If an author/artist wishes to put their work in this subreddit, on your forums, tweet it to you, it's clear they're okay with you looking and sharing, just as you've used fanart for each day's livestream background. If they haven't and you've seen it on tumblr or the like, unless they give consent, if you use it you should at least be respectful and not insult them because if it wasn't drawn for you in the first place then why would you do it? If seeing something like that makes you laugh, be the adult and walk away. edit: Because everybody is making the same reply of "if you want it private then don't post it online", how about "if you don't like it, ignore it"? You can pick one or the other, but guess which one is the mature thing to do. Kids are dumb, don't punish them for it in front of 35,000 people.

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