Yoko Ono flexing with a few of the most popular authors out there.

yep! also there are many things to take in consideration since this is not a tweet by your average dude, it’s a tweet made by an 86 years old woman that was active in most of the branches that the art world has, throughout most of the 20th century. is it stupid to flex like this? yes, but she’s, again, 86 and if you can name an intellectual person of that age that won’t berate “you” for not reading, well then, that is something. and was it stupid for her to mix up the author with the book? yes but, again, she’s 86, probably the last time she read those books was when she was 20. and someone’s memory when they’re almost a century old isn’t ... good... like it just isn’t. and navigating twitter at that age isn’t what it is to us either. i don’t know if she has a pr or if she has, if it’s a good one, but i’m pretty sure she doesn’t know twitters protocol and what the youths want her to say there, she’s just saying stuff, like cher does. it could so easily be a tweet she made when talking to someone about exactly this, or she could have woken up to tweet this, or i don’t know, but anyway who are we to judge one of the pioneers of conceptual art?

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