Young mother dies during 30-day sentence in Michigan jail

This really breaks my heart. I was incarcerated and have first hand experienced the neglect by medical staff during my stay there. I have epilepsy and they were refusing to give me my medication and wouldn't even give me bottom bunk which is a really dangerous combo for someone with epilepsy. I had two seizures but since nobody saw it I wasn't allowed to see a doctor and would have to fill out a request to see a doctor. Months later I was sick of it. My bunkie told me to tell them that I was suicidal so I could be monitored 24/7. What they do is make you wear basically a vest that barely covers you and put you in a glass room to be monitored. Thankfully I had a seizure and they rushed me to the hospital. Finally got my meds and bottom bunk. Also while being there they wound refuse me pads or tampons while I was in seg (btw you go to seg even if you were the one who got beat up) It's really disgusting how the women are treated in institutes and I would love to advocate for these women but my ptsd and severe phobia of men in blue prohibits me from taking any action. I'm such a scaredy cat but it truly was traumatizing.

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