A young North Vietnamese soldiers lightning a smoke for a elderly man on a graveyard, Both have lost a leg, the text on the sign near them say "graveyard of 45 students that were massacred by an American bomb on March 16, 1965", Hanoi 1970 [1024 x 1023]

My advice is that to not take a side, take any comment with a grain of salt (evem this one). Southerners, especially migrants, do hate the North for a variety of reasons. The North spreaded propaganda to boost morale and demonize the enemy, which worked well. They were ruthless when fighting foes, and civilians may have been affected. However, the South was oppressive and corrupted under Ngo Dinh Diem rule. To say any side is objectively better is debatable. There were politcal influence of China and USSR simultaneously, and I find it reasonable that the North was taking such a stance.

TLDR; Do not condense a complicated matter that can span more seasons than Games of Thrones into a Reddit comment.

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