Young U.S. Catholics overwhelmingly accepting of homosexuality - From Pew, how does this impact youth ministry?

They are taught by the school and their peers that homosexuality is perfectly normal...<

I think you've hit on something here, rather accidentally: children are taught by society and parents what is normal and what is abnormal; what to accept and what to reject. The truth is that homosexuality is normal (by definition: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected). Through decades of statistical analysis, we know that a certain percent of our population will be homosexual.

You complain that >...homosexuality always comes up and it is a fight. They are very argumentative because they have been programmed to believe sticking up for gay rights is the right thing to do.<

I think the reason I find this is bit the most offensive is that, first, it implies you'd rather have them docile (the reverse implication is that you yourself are unteachable--you are the answer giver rather than a person engaging in give and take); second, you call their education programming, and yet you're oblivious to your own programmer's approach (that one-way street "teaching" method I referenced before); and the third and final reason I find it offensive (as a Catholic and human) is that sticking up for gay rights is the right thing to do. They are a marginalized people within our society who are ostracized,oppressed, and persecuted. This sort of abuse can only happen when a society strips people of their true dignity and their complexity, boiling their whole existence down to one aspect of their personhood (i.e. Jim Crow laws, Jews in Nazi-led Germany, etc). Our faith fights this oversimplifications and is mandated to stick up for their rights.

Now, I won't argue that apart of their rights is to get married simply because I find it superfluous given the number of threads in /r/Catholicism dedicated to it; however, I will ask anyone reading this to consider this: since we will be judged not on the correctness of our theology but on how we helped the marginalized, the oppressed, and the persecuted, how does the effort you extend to actually helping (not just "teaching") the LGBTQ community stand against you arguing whether or not the State can give them a piece of paper?

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