A young woman writing a thank you note to her boyfriend in the Navy for the skull of a Japanese soldier that he sent, May 22, 1944

You're marginalizing an entire group of people over the actions of a few.

Just people who swore an oath to the Constitution and then deployed to an undeclared invasion for personal gain.

If Bush messed up, don't take it out on young servicemembers who volunteered to give up years of their lives to answer their country's call.

Bush lied. They picked up guns and killed for paychecks. Plenty of people were telling them they were being lied to and the nature of what they were doing, but they didn't care.

If some of those servicemembers acted unlawfully or without honor and killed innocent people, don't blame all members of the military. There are some great people serving our country, doing everything they can to make a difference.

None of them are serving 'our country' whatsoever. They are doing jobs and getting paychecks. Their behavior is what causes terrorism and resentment against our country. There was a chance for the military to serve the citizens and they did nothing to stop 9/11. Nothing they did in response was remotely 'service' to anyone except military contracting companies and terrorist recruiters.

I bet you think all police officers are trigger-happy bullies as well?

No, most cops never fire their weapons.

I do think that they intentionally hire morons and fail to train them well, and that they have been actively infiltrated by white supremacist groups for a few decades now. I think they are trained liars and I think most of them will watch the trigger-happy ones murder people and lie for them.

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