Youngstown City Council declares racism a public health crisis

While you all target u/chalkymints for having an opinion that should be respected maybe we should all tell ourselves that this is what TPTB wants, while citizens try to start a race war, a war against each other, whatever it might be, all you people are doing is falling into their agenda, there was some points that he/she said that was brought out and could have been followed with constructive criticism, but you all chose to be blatant and one of you even childish. Also this whole rant you all are going on about is all contradictive. Your favorite low IQ celebrity went out and took pictures of themselves holding a “Dont kill black people!” sign, also P.S (they do that to look good and get more attention, not because they actually give a fuck.) but besides that point they are referring to specifically black people. But when someone says (all lives matter) you all hate that idea and say no its only the black lives. Believe it or not we all made this “global crisis” about the black community. So he isn’t wrong from HIS POV saying there is no racism, i agree i haven’t seen any racism in this community but what can you do? There is and will forever and always be racism, everywhere. P.P.S for everyone who wants to defund the police departments, sheriffs office, that won’t happen at all, at least here in youngstown it wont.

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