Why is your best friend your best friend?

The first time we hung out, it was for dinner. Ended up staying until work Monday. Drinking, fixing his car, then buying tools to fix my car, replacing the water line on the fridge, made a frisbee golf course, and camping out. It was fucking bizarre. He and I got along. Our wives got along. Just clicked.

That year was rough for us both. He had moved down to manage a shop that had closed. I'd moved down to set up a division that had let me go. We had both found work at the same company in different divisions, and we hated it.

When he got offered a position back north, I helped them load up and drove it the twelve hours. The wife and I spent the next few days helping them move in and watching their kid. We said our goodbyes and flew back up. He called me a week later offering me a position. I accepted, so he flew down to surprised us and helped us load and drive. Even let us crash there while we searched.

He's alright I guess.

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