Your '' Wallet is Locked.

I made no mention of whether onchain was p2p or not, I merely pointed out where someone who purports to understand LN well was verifiably wrong.

That's the topic of this entire conversation. You aren't following this argument.

You litterally stated 4 POSTS AGO1 in order to bolster your argument with u/ 500239....

ThoroughlyFree: the LN transaction is final as soon as the intended recipient receives it. There is absolutely no need to close the channel and put funds on chain.

If you consider a point to be off topic DON'T MAKE IT.

I am merely dismantling each erroneous statement that YOU make.

so back to our discussion,

PS thanks for making me re read this. Time well spent.

You may have read it but you clearly don't understand it.

Mmmm, LET'S see, from the short text I quoted to you from eltoo.pdf

  • STEP 2 TO N-1 corresponds to CREATION OF intermediate update Tu;i eltoo.pdf quote

  • STEP N corresponds to CREATION OF later update transactions Tu;j with j > i eltoo.pdf quote

don2468: Now if either A or B publish an earlier state, link

eltoo.pdf: While nothing prevents an intermediate update Tu;i from being broadcast and confirmed in the blockchain eltoo.pdf quote

  • STEP N+1 corresponds to it (update Tu;i) can immediately be respent by any of the later update transactions Tu;j with j > i. eltoo.pdf quote

Note it can only RESPEND "intermediate update Tu;i" if it is BROADCAST to the miners

hence IT IS NOT FINAL untill it is BROADCAST to the miners,

if for some reason it does not get broadcast and included in a block in a timely manner it is as if it never existed, and intermediate update Tu;i becomes FINAL state.


But there is no real need for me to simplify when FINALISATION occurs for you...

it is litterally made clear at the end of the paragraph I quoted from the eltoo.pdf that "self professed" expert say you understand.

elltoo.pdf: This is true for any of the intermediate states and TERMINATES when there were no more agreed upon, i.e., fully signed, update transactions, when the final update transaction is BROADCAST eltoo.pdf.

Emphasis mine.

and you say I don't understand it.

How many other incorrect assumptions do you hold?

Remember your head in the sand approach to being corrected makes you The Bubble Boy NOT The Sewer Rat

Embrace it, as I will try to do when you successfully correct one of my false assumptions.

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