Has your BPD parent tried to sabotage your relationship with your significant other?

Yes, and she is not welcomed into our home or personal life. LC, no phone calls or texting. Visits are brief about once every couple of years. Occasional emails. As a matter of fact, out of the blue I got a weird robotic email from her this morning that was worded like english is her 2nd language. It read like random words that would be in an email to a loved one were tossed together by a bot and sent to me.

Mine reminds me of the grandma in the M. Night Shyamalin movie The Visit except she'll do things like try to convince my boyfriend that hard drug use is wonderful and that she get him started on it now (before I get home) & that he'll just love it. She is now, years later, "friends" with him. Even after I'd been married for years she kept pushing me to start emailing him and hassling me about going with her to see his stupid band play. Gross.

They never change. Well, they do. They get worse, more deranged, craftier, creepier.

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