Your Burning Questions for July, 2019

Hey folks, I'm new here and looking to get into publishing some erotic shorts. I've written a few 8k-14k ones for specific forums in the past and have received some positive feedback. So now I'm looking to make myself legit if you will. At this point I have a few questions:

What is a good writing app or program for this that's free or cheap? I have Google docs currently.

How difficult is it to publish on amazon? Do I need a special account with them?

What's a good resource for making covers?

Assuming I'm actually able to get myself published generally how long before I would see payouts? E.g. google ad sense has a $100 minimum from youtube ads before they will pay. Would it be similar or a slow constant as people purchase it?

And finally, because I dont what to be banned, how much sex and or describing it is to much? I understand to an extent that vagueness is a good thing for allowing the reader to project, but I also know from my past feedbacks to detail is also a turn on.

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