Your daughter is eight years old you sick fuck

I'm honestly still just kinda shocked at the idea anyone would give a single fuck about my comment, I can't imagine being someone who is vulnerable to that kind of thing ruining my day. I'll try to reflect on that though, if what you say is true.

I'm not sure I understand the analogy you are making to the immigrant crisis. What you're saying about how nihilistic philosophy relates to personal emotion vs personal policy is pretty fascinating. I definitely have had the realization that no amount of understanding the mathematical nature of things will prevent me from being a ball of emotion, with a disturbed viewer behind the lens of the camera.. ...I guess I just don't understand how anyone could NOT make the distinction. It makes it hard to relate.

I guess it is a nice idea that someone making a post like the deceased pet shit could be so blissfully unaware of how it looks to someone like me. I honestly just think how could someone go through the work of making the post so palatable as if it were wrapped up in a little bow and not begin to feel they are being insincere. I don't find myself going through advice animal posts and hunting down the liars I've simply started to feel they are all or mostly fabricated. It's a dissonant concept to me when redditors want to celebrate and have a party every time someone gets nailed with proof of their lies but then people will eat up the content from a new source as long as it no one proves they aren't being genuine. It's like then you have to just judge the content. The content becomes nullified across the board and I don't understand how more people aren't led to that conclusion. It's like either we value anomalies and special occasions or we don't, and yet we sit here cheering for these little stories. I guess I've decided for myself: I don't enjoy the content.

APD eh? hmm.

I think I fit some of the traits, symptoms, the definition. The biggest outlier for me is that I do have a few people I regularly "connect" with. But it does seem like they drift in and out of being valuable to me. The problem is anyone can go looking up personality and psychological disorders and find things to relate to. It's like how everyone has ADD nowadays. I keep thinking I just haven't found the right people to connect with, and I genuinely believe and really hope that I will find some people I can relate to reliably. I think I have some people like that but it's still like the relationships have rules and codes of conduct and they go on until someone wants to thrash around with their emotions. And yeah, you do act a lot differently when you can be anonymous, when you can be a little more reckless and do more experimentation. Truthfully I have been talking to psychological professionals my whole life and all they do is tell me I'm funny and interesting. I used to joke to my ex-girlfriend "why the fuck would I go see another therapist/psychologist? So I can pay them to hear all of my dope stories". lol. It never helps, they're always so boring, easily satisfied with whatever my current plan is and point out things that I know to be true but cannot embody. What's a guy to do? I know this shit is headed for impact. I part of me genuinely believes I'm a jetliner out of fuel on a 5-15 year descent towards a fiery self-immolation. And I'm sorry for using colorful language I don't mean to paint some kind of grandeur or be verbose to the point of narcissism.

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