Your Ex is on Reddit, and you know will read this, what do you want to say to them?

Imagine my surprise when I was browsing comments after my comment and come across this gem. The sex was really bad, I know. But when your not the one doing all of the work I guess it's easy to criticize (legs back and clock out). I feel that it was good in the beginning, taking out your mailbox, lol, and other risky stuff (behind bars). But things changed when you went to the doctor and got tested. I put myself at risk every time... I just couldn't get past it. thank god I'm still clean, though it does make me wonder as to whether you were faithful through these years of bad sex. I stayed with you because I loved you as well.

The "tap me on the shoulder and we will go up to my room" stuff doesn't get me revving. Your limitations with sex really got in the way of me being satisfied, and your limitations were any time you had to do something. I am glad that you found someone that makes you happy. For a short time it was me, and it was the best feeling ever. I know I will find that again. For the first few years you always hit on ppl in front of me, and it made me feel like shit. We argued constantly about that. Even to the point that you began saying "oh it's just Eddie... He's like my brother" ha ha. The same guy you started seeing a few weeks after a 3+ year relationship.

I sacrificed a lot to be with you besides my health. I couldn't hang out with any friends due to the arguments we would have if a girl talked to me (Mel, Bridget, Tara, girls from grad school). You required constant attention... Which I was willing to give you because I felt you required it (anxiety disorder and all, and me being a therapist). As far as talking. That was something you were always jealous of others. You hated that every girl had more in common with me than you did. If you ever picked up a book you might have something to talk about. You never cared about anything other than pop culture, and you had no original thoughts or opinions. What you see is what you get I supposed, lol.  

You and Ed make a good couple. I am very happy that you found someone to make you happy. That's all I wanted you to be. I hope you told him about the outcome of the doctor visit bc he may have a visit in the near future himself. I'm sorry that you feel so negative towards me, and I understand the reasons why you do. I did nothing but try... And I always knew I wasn't what you wanted, But what you might have needed at the time. I wish you nothing but the best. But don't look for someone to make you happy. Be happy yourself and look for someone you can be happy with. 

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