Your Little Boy is Getting All Grown Up :')

Andrew cursed, Fucking sisters, why did the gods have to give him one so difficult. He thought as he dug his heels into the side of side of his mount, having to get away from his sister before he made a spectacle out of them.

The Lord of Stonehelm continued to urge forward, looking for somebody to talk to on this damned journey. His siblings would only anger him, yet again taking Marya’s side even though he was the eldest, the Lord.

“Lady Cassandra,” Andrew said, approaching with a smile . The Baratheon was different to most other ladies he had seen or been with, almost of a height with him and with - physique almost akin to that of a warriors. A true Baratheon.

“Are you looking forward to returning to your home as much as I am?” He asked her, even though he would’ve been quite happy to stay in King’s Landing forever. But that would give his sister too much satisfaction, so here he was.

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