Why your Mother's Day tips could have been crap

Honestly the whole top model should go away and you guys get paid a normal wage like the rest of us. When I traveled in Europe it was wonderful having the wages built in.

I liked how you started off being judge mental of a guy you likely don’t know on any personal level. How is getting left overs cheap? Maybe he likes the food people bring in or maybe he’s in a bad financial situation or both.. once upon a time I was so beyond poor I’d go a day or two without food and left overs were a huge moment of happiness for me because it meant I ate that night or the next day.

That being said getting back to the tipping, I seldom have an experience that’s worth tipping much on. I do still tip a fair amount but on the reverse side of things I don’t feel as if I’m getting my money’s worth. There should be a sub Reddit where we can rate our servers since there does seemed to be this level of people who expect X amount of money just because they did their job on a minimal level.

Plus people mention they need to survive and tips help a lot but you did choose this job right? You know the trades are always hiring and pay much better than serving food.

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