In your opinion, (context in comments) are strip clubs sexual?

Probably an obvious question, but there's context.

My (28f) boyfriend (36m) is telling me I am insecure being uncomfortable if he goes to a strip club and telling me it's just a sports bar that happens to have nude women and isn't sexual? Is this true about a strip club not being sexual?

I call bullshit, but he's accusing me of making assumptions about somewhere l've never been.He's telling me I'm insecure for not being comfortable with it and I should be in therapy to sort out my insecurities and ask myself why it makes me insecure?

I tried telling him my perspective of how I think it's different when a guy in a relationship goes to a strip club and is paying for sexual visuals or even physical if getting a dance all while paying for it, so to me I think that's disrespectful to a relationship.

I really appreciate anyone's honest feedback and I'm open to being wrong/judgemental.

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