I'm sorry but Kylie and CP are not really comparable quality. Anyone who thinks that hasn't tried enough of either brand and is speaking to rumors and swatches that emerged like years ago when Kylie first came out. Just because something is a color dupe doesn't mean it's a quality dupe, sorry.

I like them both, but CP products vary WILDLY is quality. To that point where buying a bunch of CP means knowing that several will be trash. That is FINE at the price point, I have talked several times on the various makeup subs about how I would not trade the CP price point for any of the other things CP could offer.

Kylie has it's own issues, like all brands do, but it is priced as a mid range under $20 lipstick and lives up to mid range quality as expected. I have quite a few Kylie liquid lips that live in my high traffic lipstick tray where the CP or other cheaper dupes simply do not compare. I firmly believe Kylie Cosmetics gets an unfair bad rep as being "overpriced" (because the lipsticks were originally sold as kits which were expensive, but that is no longer true) and "difficult to obtain" (because they were sold out and only available on the website, but they are now not sold out and are available at Ulta).

I urge people who have previously written off Kylie to give it an honest try, I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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