In your opinion what is the most goriest anime??

Goblin Hunter (1st episode)

This is tame. I take it you haven't seen it.

when they cry

Only in a couple of 3 episodes


More funny than gory

elfen lied

Qualifies as pretty damn gory. Seems to me I've seen one maybe two worse, but elfen lied is a good place to start your quest, and then a swing through Higurashi makes sense. Another is just fun and funny, and I enjoyed Goblin Hunter, but the Manga was much gorier. Also, in the manga there is much worse than what happened in episode one. The scenes are also in the anime, but they are heavily camouflaged, so you may want to think twice.

School Days has one episode that may have what you want. And I wish I could remember what the other one I saw. There's one out there that is as nasty as elfen lied, but I forget.

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