In your opinion, what were the main issues regarding the peace process in the past 5 years?

The PA has absolutely not refused to take up negotiations from the prior point. It was Hamas that was pressured to 'accept prior agreements', including the prior negotiations and interim agreements reached therein, and refused to do so.

They demanded 91% of the West Bank and land swaps in 2000, were offered it later and refused.

As for the 91% issue, the demand was 91% of the West Bank with land swaps of equal size and quality, so the equivalent of 100%.

Israeli negotiators have never offered land swaps, at any percentage, that were of equal size and quality. The closest any Israeli administration ever came was Olmert, who not only offered swaps at a deficit of over 2%, the territory he offered in exchange was of substantively inferior quality to the land Israel wanted to add to its territory.

There are lots of things to criticize the PA for (corruption, collusion, cowardice... pretty much all of the "c"s) but the small movements towards resolution that the PA has earned through years of negotiations are not something to criticize them for.

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