In your opinion, what would be the best official 5E book from which to learn adventure design?

Well, to be fair, I would hope it would get a positive review but I would note those issues and suggest, perhaps, that the specific data could be moved to an appendix if its inclusion was desired. Assuming it was perfectly written and/or brilliantly laid out.

The number one problem with adventures is their ease of use. That is the overwhelming feedback from people: they are too hard to prep/run. Therefore the ability to run it at the table is extremely important, if only from a "thats what everyone is complaining about" standpoint. So that page long NPC goes in an appendix and a few sentences about them goes inline to the adventure, proper.

I'm not sure how you are using the word "playstyle." I would hope I'm not "exploratory biased and/or OSR biased. If you think I am then you should say something specific; I wouldn't want to be and think that, a few exploratory exceptions aside, the advice is generally applicable to all adventures, from Supes to CoC, to indi/story games.

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