dO yOuR OwN ReSeARch

Not sure what antivaxx good is but yes genius I do use Google for some research. It's better than watching and getting all my info from the 6:00 news. I have researched all angles of the topic for somewhere around 50 /60 hours Conservatively. What have you done?. I would bet a paycheck the answer is nothing. Because the standard mindless drone stance is that vaccines are safe and necessary, so if you're dumbed down to the point where you don't question anything as Long as it's told to you by someone of authority why would you?. For instance if someone told me that wearing shoes is bad for your feet, I would dismiss it and label that person as misinformed ( unlike you sheep I wouldn't call him retarded just because I disagree with him) but I probably wouldn't spend 50 hours researching whether or not shoes are bad for your feet. You clowns just accept the narrative that vaccines are needed. The reason I know or a fact thst you haven't researched it is because if you had you would know the downside of them. I started my journey to disprove my antivaxx sister who held out on getting her son the MMR vaccine as long as possible as the state, school system and her pediatrician pressured her to force this toxic concoction into the body of her infant son. She wanted to get three separate vaccines over period of time as opposed to one injection. They refused and although I thought they were safe I thought it was odd that no doctor would give those 3 vaccines separate and spread apart so I started to investigate what the reason for that would be. YOU watched the news and watched another other mindless drone much like yourself read off of a teleprompter and told you it was safe and you're a crazy antivaxxer if you think differently. If you spent 1/2 as much time researching the topics your pea brain comes on reddit to defend and put down those that oppose them you might now be 1/2 as ignorant. Think about spend more time on reddit taking jabs at antivaxxers than you have actually researching the topic. You and I both know that's the truth regardless what want me to believe

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