In your own words; what does it mean to be asexual?

When was I ever not polite?!?! Where did you even get that impression? Because I disagreed with you? WOW, that's got to be the most impeccable argument I've ever heard.

piss poor attempt from a dictionary...

Are you fucking serious?!

You can google any of this stuff.

Yeah, and I can google shit about how pedophilia is okay. Does that make it correct? I think you'd agree that it doesn't.

I don't owe you my time.

You're right, you don't. That's why I was hoping for an honest conversation about the nature of "asexuality". But it looks like you got too worked up by the fact that I'm opposing the nature of your feeling, so that's lost now. I don't want to make people mad, I want to have mature conversations about my understanding of other peoples lifestyles. You're attitude towards the fact that I don't agree is directly making it hard to have these conversations; at all, anywhere.

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